travis county assembly line justUS


travis county pretrial services has an employee named kelly sanchez.
the 147th court coordinator’s name is stella sanchez.
are these two women related?
if they are, the travis county court system is issuing assembly line justice, where they’re railroading persons who are unfortunate to be going through their system.
at what cost?
obviously, these two women are more interested in making their way up the legal ladder, possibly to make a reputation & name for themselves by throwing the defendants under the bus.
it’s better to make money for travis county, than to really serve justice, even if they sell defendants down the river.
I see massive corruption.
I wonder if the department of justice is aware of this or able to see it?

Texas “adult protection services” dfps

This nightmarish ordeal began on March 03,2016 when a texas “family and protective services” worker named tomasa elena olivo “adult protection service” worker came to our residence.olivo left her business card.

tomasa elena olivo on march 09,2016 with mcallen,texas police. I did not open the door.

On April 05,2016 tomasa olivo, pedro hugo gonzalez & 2 mcallen police(who forced themselves in our home, the door locked with dead bolt)& gun drawn from holster.

Under the pretext that they were going to take our Mother to the hospital for medical observation, & claiming our Mother “agreed” to go, she was removed from her home.

Our mother was NOT able to make decisions on her own because she had alzheimers.

Our sister, who has down syndrome, was also removed.

Our mother & sister were placed in an UNLICENSED house operating as an assisted care facility.

At this house our Mother fell & injured her right jaw,right arm, & right ankle/leg.

Having placed our Mother in an unsafe environment & causing her injuries is a VIOLATION of Texas penal code §22.04—injury to a child, elderly individual, or disabled individual.