cruelty to inmates in travis county texas

inmates @ the travis county “correctional” complex in del valle, texas located @ 3614 bill price rd are mistreating inmates in a cruel & inhumane manner.
this evil place rivals a prison in a 3rd world country.
And yet, the politicians of the state of texas prefer to look the other way, pretending everything’s fine.
travis county sheriff greg hamilton must believe he is in africa, with his 3rd world policies.
he has hired good ol’ boy rednecks, who are still living in the kkk era. anything’s possible in 1800 Texas.
these people are way behind the times.
Inmates are mistreated, without dignity, respect, less than human beings.
Shame on travis county, the sheriff, the state of texas, the governor, & most of the legislature for continuing to promote this type of injustice for the sake of making more money.
the almighty dollar spewing out of a shit factory.


travis county assembly line justUS


travis county pretrial services has an employee named kelly sanchez.
the 147th court coordinator’s name is stella sanchez.
are these two women related?
if they are, the travis county court system is issuing assembly line justice, where they’re railroading persons who are unfortunate to be going through their system.
at what cost?
obviously, these two women are more interested in making their way up the legal ladder, possibly to make a reputation & name for themselves by throwing the defendants under the bus.
it’s better to make money for travis county, than to really serve justice, even if they sell defendants down the river.
I see massive corruption.
I wonder if the department of justice is aware of this or able to see it?

texas’ 3rd world “human rights”

the united states is always harping about how they are the champions on human rights, texas has 3rd world “human rights.”
travis county texas is where the state capital, austin, is located.
there is a well hidden secret travis county has, that is not well known, as they’ve done a great job of covering it up.
travis county correctional complex, located in del valle, texas is a county jail run by a private company called securus tech.
this company is blatantly profitting on the misfortune of persons going there, after being arrested.
securus tech is running this shithole of a facility.
securus charges the families of inmates $14.99 for collect calls. inmates can only call collect.
there are no visitors allowed in person. all visits are by video. securus charges families $20 for this. travis county receives $4.50 from this.
travis county correctional complex is a money making racket run by 2 legged rats, among them, sheriff greg hamilton, a black.
all kinds of items are for sale there, including: phone cards
& clothes.
the food is below standard.
inmates are being isolated from society “for their safety” &
so that “no contraband will be taken into the facility”
the inmates are being subjected to “cruel & unusual punishment” even though they are to be protected from this, by right.
shame on texas! shame on the texas governor! shame on the texas legislature for allowing this violation of human rights to happen in a so called “free society.”
texas & the united states are complicit in the abuse of human rights.
total Bullshit.