how did we see this. Again, on the ball.


Lupe Treviño target of criminal probe; former assistant admits to campaign cover-up – Local News – The Monitor
Were we ahead of the game.

travis county texas courts & gov. rick perry tryin’ to railroad my brother. $hame

Intentionally violating a court order in the state of Texas is a Class A misdemeanor, which may result in up to one year in county jail and a $4,000 fine. If you have previously been convicted of two or more similar offenses, you could be charged with a third-degree felony—which carries a two to ten year prison sentence. While it is unlikely that you will spend time in jail for a first offense, the judge can still sentence you to probation and mandatory counseling or substance abuse treatment. If the court decides that you violated the protective order with the intent to commit an act of domestic violence or stalking, however, the judge can hold you without bail until your trial.

travis county criminal court in austin, texas is trying to ‘railroad’ my brother.
My brother (R) is being accused of violating 3 court orders.
He has never been convicted of 1.
But somehow, he is being charged with a felony.
He was charged with the same bullshit last July, 2013.
No evidence was produced against him, and after being jailed at the travis county correctional complex in del valle, texas for two months, he was released. This jail is a virtual shithole/hell hole. I did not realize places like this existed in a “free” society, a nation of “rule by law.”
Human rights violations occur almost daily at this jail.
Now, a year later almost to the day, the same charges are being brought against (R) again.
The travis county pretrial services are totally disregarding a citizen’s civil rights & throwing the inmates under the bus, blatantly & completely disregarding our Constitution.
travis county, texas is a black eye/mark on texas.
shame on gov. rick perry, the texas legislators, the commission on jail standards, courts, judges & law enforcement for allowing these abuses to continue.
texas & the u.s. harps to the world of how we are a nation of laws  which I conclude is total Bullshit.
Seems like gone are the days of upholding the laws, protecting an individual’s civil rights & substituting assembly line justUS, & reverting back to the 1800’s era.
shame on all texas elected officials, those who look the other way, on the take, sellouts, who could care less, who is sent away, for convenience or for the Almighty dollar.