worse than Nazis


travis county “correction” complex is a $hit hole of a place.
I realize it’$ a jail.
Thi$ place i$ a MOney makin’ machine $etup wholeheartedly allowed, endorsed, by the $tate of Texa$ legislators, the governor, & low life bottom feeders.

There is another one in Giddings, Texas, the lee county jail, run by a good ol’ boy network.
I’m sure there are many more texas county jail$ under contract with $ecuru$ tech.
The inmate’s families are charged $20 for a video conference (this is the only way to visit.) Of these $20, 16 goes to $ecuru$, & 4 goes to travis county. You can bet texas county jails are making MOney hand over fist.
The inmates are served not the most nutricious meals. Many lose weight while in jail.
Yes, this third world treatment exists right in your city or town, perhaps without your knowledge or indifference.
We are NO better than the Nazis of the past.
This, from a country such as the United States which claims & tells the entire world we are upholding the “rule of law” & are champions of “human rights”.
Really. Total BS.


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