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travis county texas: a complete Farce

   while travi$ county, texa$ is supposed to be where the capital is, this place is a total & complete FARCE.
   au$tin is @ the center of activity in travi$ county. this is where ‘law$’ are supposed to be made.
but from what I’ve been seeing & noticing, these so-called “laws” are simply money-making instruments for the greedy state officials.
   it is an illusion.
   very few laws are being crafted to really benefit texas’ citizens.
   texas agencies are set up to block, stall, or shift blame away from its political heads or leaders.
  a citizen can complain, go through an agency’s procedures, follow their guidelines, but most of the time, it will fall on deaf ears.
   whenever a citizen has a legitimate complaint or grievance, a $tate $enator or $tate repre$entative’$ office will do its BEST to protect the texa$ official, rather than to listen to the ones they’re supposed to be serving.
   texas has & is really failing its citizens.
   what a shame, the Almighty dollar, a capitalist note, $$$$$ has more power & influence over a citizens voice.
   today, in texa$, as I’m sure everywhere else in the U.$., making MOney & profitting off of citizens is the number #1 Racket & $cam going on.

travis county texa$ justU$

the travi$ county texa$ court system believes & relishes throwing defendants under the bus.
travi$ county pre-trial $ervice$ is a money making racket/scam.
these people do NOT practice ‘innocent until proven guilty’.
Where is the Department of justUS civil rights division?
travi$ county, texa$ has a county jail called the ‘travi$ county correctional complex, located @ 3416 bill price rd. in del valle, texas located east of bergstrom airport.
this unit is a Shthole of a place which rivals a 3rd world prison for abuses of civil & human rights.
But you will never see it reported on national news.
I’m sure there are many more such jails throughout the U.S.
travi$ county correctional complex contract$ with a well known company named: $ecuru$ which charges jailed inmates $20 to make phone calls to family or people outside. Of this, travi$ county make$ $4 for each call.
texa$ has stooped to an all time Low to be profiting on the misfortune of jailed inmates.
How sad.
this money makin’ operation is endorsed, allowed, with the complete knowledge & complicity of texas, its leaders, politicians, legislature, & governor.
all the while these lowlives have a ‘smile’ on their face, while they stick a dagger in your back & give it a nice twist.
Evil runnin’ rampant in travi$ county, texa$.
“rule of law”? BS