FK mexican consulate

Recently a CBP agent was gunned down in Willacy county Texas.
The agent’s name is Javier Vega, Jr.
Two mexican citizens are being charged with his killing.
The mexican consulate employee appears on univision station knvo channel 48 mcallen, texas & uses this station’s airtime, days after the agent’s death to say, “we’re going to protect these two citizens from the death penalty.”
Hey numbskull! They killed a Federal agent, DKHD. In Texas! Sht for brains.
Why must we put up with this constant bashing from ungrateful ASSHOLES.
The State Department should revoke the consulate employee’s permission & send him packing back to mexico.
This shows mexico’s Total & complete disrespect for this CBP agent. Totally callous & distasteful.
mexico should go FK themselves.


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