travis county texa$ justU$

the travi$ county texa$ court system believes & relishes throwing defendants under the bus.
travi$ county pre-trial $ervice$ is a money making racket/scam.
these people do NOT practice ‘innocent until proven guilty’.
Where is the Department of justUS civil rights division?
travi$ county, texa$ has a county jail called the ‘travi$ county correctional complex, located @ 3416 bill price rd. in del valle, texas located east of bergstrom airport.
this unit is a Shthole of a place which rivals a 3rd world prison for abuses of civil & human rights.
But you will never see it reported on national news.
I’m sure there are many more such jails throughout the U.S.
travi$ county correctional complex contract$ with a well known company named: $ecuru$ which charges jailed inmates $20 to make phone calls to family or people outside. Of this, travi$ county make$ $4 for each call.
texa$ has stooped to an all time Low to be profiting on the misfortune of jailed inmates.
How sad.
this money makin’ operation is endorsed, allowed, with the complete knowledge & complicity of texas, its leaders, politicians, legislature, & governor.
all the while these lowlives have a ‘smile’ on their face, while they stick a dagger in your back & give it a nice twist.
Evil runnin’ rampant in travi$ county, texa$.
“rule of law”? BS


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