Government of Wolves book

Author: John Whitehead
America is fast moving into a state of lockdown. Surveillance cameras, drug-sniffing dogs, SWAT team raids, roadside strip searches, blood draws at DUI checkpoints, mosquito drones, tasers, privatized prisons, GPS tracking devices, zero tolerance policies, overcriminalization, free speech zones – these are all symptoms of the emerging police state in America.
This is the future George Orwell warned us about. This is the present that John Whitehead cautions could become an endless nightmare from which there is no awakening unless we act now.
A Government of Wolves paints a chilling portrait of a nation in the final stages of transformation into outright authoritarianism, whose citizens are little more than suspects to be cowed, corralled, and controlled.
Drawing on his vast knowledge of history, culture, and law, Whitehead charts the downward trajectory of this shift away from the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution, which has historically shielded us from government abuses. A Government of Wolves provides us insight about how to navigate this treacherous terrain and hopefully find our way back to freedom.


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