oil industry needs hour regulation.

  We all know the petroleum industry is very profitable.
  As this South Texas oil boom began to take off around 2008, there has been a parallel increase in traffic activity.
  More traffic will increase more accidents.
  What I’m writing here is simply my view and recommendation to the federal government, state government, & osha.
  I am not an “expert” and only have limited knowledge of the oil industry.
  I know enough about it and am aware of how it operates.
  Do not misunderstand what I’m writing.
  I’m simply calling for all involved parties, the federal and state  governments, osha, oil companies, and oilfield workers to really make an effort in a consensus on the hours production workers are allowed to work. 
  Ten (10) hours are more than sufficient to work.
  Oil companies are very good at stressing safety and make every effort to keep their workers safe.
  It’s been about 7 years since the beginning of the South Texas oil boom.
  Oil and oil exploration is big all over the United States. But at what cost?
  One oilfield worker loss of life is one too many.
  I, as a concerned citizen, am simply calling for all involved parties to hold the one important meeting, or conference, to bring this to fruition.
  Show the United States the oil industry really means business.
  My condolences to the families of the oilfield workers who have lost their lives in their pursuit of making a hard earned living and happiness.
  How about a monument to them?


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