mcallen isd wants MOre MOney

  mcallen i.s.d wants more money.
  How much? Theyre asking for: 440 million.
  Are those people KrAzAy?
  McAllen residents are already WayY overtaxed.
  The entire school board & superintendent must GO!
  These knuckleheads do Not know how to run their own lives, much less schools.
  They Do love somebody else’$ MOney so they can drive around in their fancy, schmancy luxury vehicles, lookin pretty.
  Perhaps some skools are in need of repair or must have access to the information highway.
  First, we have to ask ourselves some questions.
  Who are the persons behind this absurd request?
  Why doesnt the media really investigate them?
  Are the students going to truly benefit from this?
  Does anyone have a vested interest in this?    “Follow the money”, it’$ been said.
  What are the school district’s percentages of student’s graduating?
  How is the performance of student’s in elementary & middle school?
  Are most students fluent in proper English grammar?
  How many truly dedicated teachers does the school district have?
  Do some simply want to collect a big paycheck?
  How much money is provided from the state and federal governments?
  There are many more questions I would ask and pose to the mcallen i.s.d. before I’d give them this exorbitant amount.
  Our family is paying school taxes to the school district and stcc, even though we no longer have any family members in school. Is that reasonable?
  Many taxpayers are on limited or fixed incomes.
  It is my personal view that this proposition be discussed in detail in a public forum, before this amount should even be brought to the voters.


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