applecore Baltimore

  read this article on Clyde Lewis’ titled: applecorps Baltimore.
the article is right on cue.
took the words outta my mouth and thoughts from mind.
  American citizens need to QUIT bullshitting ourselves.
  There is something definitely wrong here. rogue racist “cops” killing citizens, yet some in media seem to always paint a rosy picture.
  they need to remove their rose colored glasses and see reality. Life as it really is.
  this grievous issue is NOT going away.
  Politicians, law enforcement, military, and citizens must have credible dialogue.
  We the People are in a very dangerous place in time.
  if this issue is not corrected, remedied, the United States of America will go the way of civilizations who betrayed their citizen’s trust.
  citizens will become subjects, freedoms will be lost, and it’ll be game over.


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