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social security “retirement”

           Shady Dealings

Recently(March 2015) I was mailed a letter from the Social Security Administration that stated my retirement was near, that I should apply for “retirementbenefits.
  My birthday is in May.
I had 2 options.
  Retire at 62 years of age & receive 75% of my “retirementor wait until 72 to receive 100%.
  Being a person with disabilities, I decided to apply @ 62.
  I had been receiving an amount in S.S.I. monthly benefits.
  The Social Security Administration retirement letter I received after applying stated I had to wait until July 2015, one total month, past my May birthday, for the first retirement amount.
  On July 02, I received this. $300
  I was made to believe(Hustled) I would be receiving this retirement amount, monthly.
  What Social Security doesn’t tell you is that the S.S.I. will be REDUCED by the same retirement amount.
  Well, lo and behold!
The actual retirement amount I received was actually $20. Yes, $20.
  What a Crock of Sh*t
This is nothing but a shell game hustle.
  So as I sit here with the Big $20 dollar “retirement” bill, I couldn’t help but wonder how much retirementI would’ve received if I had waited until 72.
  social security administration told me if I hadn’t applied for retirement benefits that are due to me, the S.S.I. would be stopped.
  The earnings in my Social Security statement is money I worked for, by my own toil and sweat.
  But it seems, Social Security thinks they are a better manager of a worker’s money.
  So, I’m carefully budgeting how, where, and on what I’ll spend the BIG, extra $20 I now have.
  I don’t want to spend it ALL in one place.
  So my advice to all working class employees of the Capitalist system is: “to keep on working” til like 100, maybe by then you should have a worthwhile retirement check.