Disenfranchised people

“There are Many disenfranchised citizens, faces in the crowd, who should be heard.”—M.P.Ruiz ©2016 ®™

  Seems like some of the candidates, of Both parties, runnin’ for president in the 2016 campaigns, are disconnected from real substantive issues.
  All I hear is the Rhetoric.
Same BS hype.
Veterans, education, and healthcare.
  Talk about Real issues. Real problems. Real Solutions.
  Don’t come to the voters and dish out empty words.
  I, for one, will NOT vote ever again.
  All that has already been decided.
  The electoral process is all a Big $how.
  I do not hear any contender speak about the homeless, the families who are struggling, the workers who have lost their jobs, those who are willing to work, but can’t find a decent job with a decent living wage.
  Veterans & citizens living on public assistance.
  People needing treatment and help with substance abuse.
  I could go on, but you get the picture, hopefully.
  The families of persons shot by police with an itchy trigger finger.
  All I’m attempting to say is address Real issues and how you, Mr.Candidate$, intend to make the U.S. a better place to live.
  Best wishes to all


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