texas adult “protection”

  Our 85 yr old Mother who has Alzheimer’s, & 38 yr old sister, who has downs syndrome were LITERALLY kidnapped on April 05, 2016 by texas adult “protection” workers: tomasa elena olivo (moreno) & hugo p. gonzalez, from her home.
  these two Shit for brains should be FIRED.
  only approximately a month later & our Mother  is injured.
  our Mother uses a cane to walk.
  Mother fell, seriously injuring & bruising her jaw, her right arm & right ankle. She is unable to use or move her right arm.
  the workers at the place where she & our sister are being held, claim they “took them to the hospital.”
  how did this injury happen?
  obviously, there was lack of supervision.
  the house where Mother & sis may Not have proper licensing.
  quite possibly, the owner might be a former middle school teacher and may now be in real estate.
  to be continued…


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