h.e.b. partners harrass disabled

  Recently, I went to the  heb plus store near our residence.
  I’m a person with multiple disabilities.
  As I was about to conduct a business transaction, the heb partner acted in a strange behavior.
  She began to express how she felt about me.
  Her remarks, to me, were unwelcome.
  Knowing the stores use video recording, I kept my mouth shut.
  Days later, I called to ask if a particular brand of summer sandals were in stock, & this same partner answered.
  I mentioned to her if she remembered & meant what she had said.
  She went Ballistic & began yelling & insulting me using deragatory & offending words.
  Her insults were based on innuendo, hearsay, and gossip.
  Obviously, heb does NOT train their employees in Federal and state handicap laws.
  I brought this incident to their headquarters in San Antonio, and the local district office, but they were more interested in protecting their employee.
  I clearly expressed to them that I needed counseling, as NO CUSTOMER should have to endure & go through what I experienced.
  It fell on deaf ears.
  The district office has been very evasive, unwilling to help.
  I have not returned to the store because the person is still employed by heb.
   It’s obvious that heb believes their employees can do or say anything they want, without any repercussions, as they approve of such behavior.


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