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Enrique ‘Henry’ Soto-bass guitar player extraordinaire

           circa 1980

Having met many of today’s established musicians and artists,(some no longer with us)while working at Omega music in McAllen, Texas, one day a quiet, unpretentious, 20 something guy came to our store.
  “Yes, how may I help you,” I asked. “I’m looking for a bass,” he said.

  Being a salesman, I proceeded to recommend some. “Which one would you like to try?” 

  I wanted to hear his playing ability, to offer him the right bass.

  After allowing him to use a bass guitar with bass amplifier, I heard how good and proficient he was.

  I probably recommended him a Fender Precision bass.

  We then struck up a conversation, small banter. I asked his name.

  “Me llamo Enrique Soto.” Enrique shared some details about himself, where he lived, etc.

  After various visits to the store, Enrique was a frequent customer.

From now on you’ll be ‘Henry’ I told him. This will be your stage name.

  Eventually Henry bought his bass guitar and amp.

  I knew Henry was going to go far in music because he had pure talent.

  I usually did not afford many people a lot of individual time, only persons who had a bit more talent. Henry was one of those exceptional musicians.

  Afterward, Henry would always come by to buy accessories. Rotosound bass strings, guitar straps, felt picks, finger ease, guitar polish, etc. Any electronic work on bass he might need.

  I also sold Henry a Steinberger bass guitar.

  Henry was an innovator and a trailblazer, though you’d never know it from his quiet demeanor. 

  Henry knew his bass guitar playing, his artistry, his craft, incredible ability, and immense talent. 

  Henry did not have to brag. He allowed his bass guitar playing to speak volumes for him.

  When I was told about Henry’s illness and his leaving us, it caused me to reflect on having known a proficient musician and bass guitarist for more than 35 yrs.

  I was saddened losing another musician friend.

   Thank you Enrique ‘Henry’ Soto for having been part of this trajectory called life, as well as part of Tejano/norteño music history. 

  Your bass guitar music will live forever.

  May you rest from your labors, friend. GOD Bless.