Stuff we did part #2

One day, Don Lupe got rowdy(drunk) wanting to be a badass. He was goin’ bat crazy.

 Don Lupe grabbed a knife & went to attackin’ his son Raúl.

 Only thing was Raúl was a huge guy. He decked his dad & knocked him out cold. Holy Sh*t! We had never had so much excitement.

 I went near to have a better look. “Is he dead?” “No, he’s knocked out.” 

 I began laughing. He got knocked the ‘F’ oWt.

 Police came after a while.Poor ol’ Raúl had a cut on his hand, bleeding. Didn’t go well for his dad after he sobered up.

 A younger son, named René had enough of that sh*t & ran away. Returned some time later.

 This was in the early 60’s.

 Albores Courts people wake up one morning to find the words: ‘F**k Edinburg’ written on the outside of a cement irrigation valve site.

 All the “decent” upper crust of these working people were highly offended. 🤔

 I went to see for myself. Lotta commotion goin’ on.(Anything for excitement)

 Soon as I got there,(on the other side of housing project) people began interrogating me.”Did You do this?” 

 (WtF are you saying?”) “Heck no! I didn’t do it.” 

 “Do you know who did it?” “Nope”.

 Eventually, after much investigating & finger pointing, Johnny’s name was mentioned.

 Police were called.Hot Diggity Dog! We hadn’t had this much excitement @ Albores!

 When the po po arrived, Dammitboy. 

 “That’s his brother.” “Do you know where he lives?” Lol

 Everybody knew where everybody lived.

 Very possible that the pol went to pay our apartment a visit.

 When the pol got to our place.

 I had run like a flash, greased lightning to warn Johnny.

 “Johnny, the pol are lookin’ for you.” “What for?”

 “People are saying you wrote something bad on the cement.”

 Our Mother. OMGawsh!

 She lost all her composure.

 Johnny, brave soul that he was, says, “Let’s go see what this is about.” “Don’t leave me, Mario. Stick with me.”

 Needless to say, Johnny got a good grillin’ & chewed out.”

 “Did you do this? Why did you do it?”

 The usual answer. “Nomas. I was bored.”

 “You’re gonna remove ALL of it, you hear?” “Yes sir.”

 So Johnny got some gasoline, paint remover, turpentine(all contributed by neighbors) & spent a good part of the day removing the graffiti.

 “Help me,Mario.” “I’m not gonna help you, you did it.”

 I might’ve helped some.



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