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Killing Seniors? Who’s Killing Seniors? Isolate, Medicate, Steal the Estate


aps & hidalgo probate court

the first time tomasa olivo texas adult “protection” visited our residence was on march 03, 2016. she left her business card.
this aps person has been HARRASSING us.
  on march 09, 2016 texas adult protection “services” caseworker tomasa elena olivo came to our parents residence in mcallen texas, along with 2 mcallen police.
  the police knocked on the locked door loudly and violently, rattling it.
  I did not answer the door. instead, I called the chief of police’s office to request they order their police off Ma’s property.
  they retreated to the street.
  this incident caused my blood pressure to rise to: 184/97
  again on april 05, 2016 caseworker olivo returned with supervisor II hugo pedro gonzalez.
  the door was locked with a deadbolt & door lock.
  police named romero proceeded to force himself into our home with his weapon drawn.
  claiming they had a court order issued by homero garza of edinburg, hidalgo county probate court, texas, aps hugo p. gonzalez proceeded to ransack our home, going through every room, as if he owned the residence, taking photos.
  aps olivo, claiming they had “came to see how you were doing, Mrs Ruiz” an ambulance was called.
  under the premise of taking our mother and sister to the hospital, texas aps literally kidnapped our mother and sister. they were taken to an undisclosed place.
  texas aps told us “no information can be given over the phone due to client privacy.
  after this incident, my blood pressure rose to 260/130.
  following some days of rest and recuperation I went for medical attention.
  We have lived at this residence for almost 45 years this july 2016.
  our residence is also a homestead.
  our parent’s property is completely paid for, free and clear.
  I’ve lived here since 1987, following our late brother’s death in May.
  our brother was murdered by a dirty rogue mcallen police.
  this May will be 29 yrs I have lived at our legal address.
  during all these years, I have maintained upkeep on our mothers residence by fixing and repairing it.
  painting, electrical, plumbing, mowing grass, installing roof shingles and the like.
  I’ve also been mechanic, gardener, landscaper etc.
  our mother is 85 years of age. she is suffering with Alzheimer’s.
  aps is now claiming our mother has said, ” nobody wants to take care of us.”
  which is TOTAL BULLSHIT.
  If I took care of our parent and sister for over 20 years, why does aps make this absurd claim.
  I believe our mother is being “coached” as to what to say.
  this type of underhanded activity and having to resort to blatant lies by texas aps does NOT surprise me.
our Mother and sister have been gone 19 days.
these Low Life S.O.B’s deserve to be in the Hottest place of hell. they claim to protect the elderly and disabled, but they are more abusive than people who actually commit this.
kazeli wold’s aps minions operate outside the rule of law and violate the Constitution of the United States.
these Idiots violate human rights on a daily basis.
those aps workers who trample on persons civil rights need to be FIRED