What is wrong with this picture

I felt compelled to write this after reading about the 8 deaths in an 18 wheeler at a Wal-mart parking lot.

  Thank the Wal-mart associate who notified San Antonio police. 

  Human smuggling for profit really needs to and must stop.Those low lives who traffic in this illegal activity must be punished to the fullest extent of the law and made examples that human trafficking WILL NOT BE TOLERATED in Texas or the U.S. & anywhere in the world for that matter.

  WtF is wrong with these KNUCKLEHEADS? Some wealthy people must be behind the demand to work in factories and homes.

  Some, possibly, are eventually used in the sex trade.

  Shame when a human life is only a commodity for profit.FY traffickers

Texas “adult protection services” dfps

This nightmarish ordeal began on March 03,2016 when a texas “family and protective services” worker named tomasa elena olivo “adult protection service” worker came to our residence.olivo left her business card.

tomasa elena olivo on march 09,2016 with mcallen,texas police. I did not open the door.

On April 05,2016 tomasa olivo, pedro hugo gonzalez & 2 mcallen police(who forced themselves in our home, the door locked with dead bolt)& gun drawn from holster.

Under the pretext that they were going to take our Mother to the hospital for medical observation, & claiming our Mother “agreed” to go, she was removed from her home.

Our mother was NOT able to make decisions on her own because she had alzheimers.

Our sister, who has down syndrome, was also removed.

Our mother & sister were placed in an UNLICENSED house operating as an assisted care facility.

At this house our Mother fell & injured her right jaw,right arm, & right ankle/leg.

Having placed our Mother in an unsafe environment & causing her injuries is a VIOLATION of Texas penal code §22.04—injury to a child, elderly individual, or disabled individual.

  Our Mother was then moved to Donna assisted living, a licensed facility. She & our sister were there about 2 months.

  On September 17,2016, our Beautiful, Loving Mother’s heart was finally at peace from all the hellish, suffering she was made to endure and put through.Our Mother passed away on this day.

  The state of texa$ dfps adult protection service is Ultimately responsible for our Mother’s death.These IDIOTS still have the two caseworkers employed by them.

  tomasa elena olivo and pedro hugo gonzalez should be indicted and brought to justice for being directly responsible for our Mother’s death.

  I’m aware of many other needless deaths caused by these S.O.B.s, yet they live life as if nothing has happened.The dfps has some good workers but some are PURE EVIL.

  I wonder how long director Jose Martinez and the commissioners of this agency will keep on with their footdragging and still refuse to do what is legal and right.

texas adult “protective”service causes citizen’s death. mcallen hidalgo county texas.

  Update on my initial blog regarding (the)texas adult protective service removal of our Mother Eva on April 05, 2016

  Following the removal of our Mother Eva, and texas adult protective service “case”workers placing her in an ‘UNLICENSED’ house, in Edinburg, the result five(5) months later, is her DEATH.

  Recently, I called texas hhsc civil rights, to inquire what the result was of my initial complaint to the texas hhsc agency a year ago.

  I received a letter from jill santos on April 08th, 2017.(reply took a year) Obvious the texas hhsc was NOT in a hurry to resolve this matter.

  In the letter, miss santos begins to try to explain the MESS the texas adult “protective”service made/caused by using statements from the letter I had written, to basically protect the agency, try to COVERUP the fiasco their workers committed, resulting in our Mother’s DEATH. texas aps hidalgo county, mcallen office is tryin’ to sweep this under the rug.

  Miss Santos changes the date of our loved ones removal.Whether intentionally,slyly,or oversight, it was on April 05, 2016.

  These Fks operate outside the law.they do NOT abide by or obey federal laws, disability laws, they actually believe theyre autonomous.

  A year ago,April 14,2016, I filed a complaint with their civil rights hhsc office. this office claimed they investigated our concern.If they had done their job right, our Mother’s injuries would not have happened. Lack of supervision.

  I received a letter dated April 14, 2016 from a civil rights specialist in acknowledgement.

  I also received a letter from craig barnes,civil rights office coordinator dated April 25th,2016.

  Even after causing our Mother’s death, having put her through the Worst kind of hell, abuse, mistreatment, with complete & total disregard for human dignity & human rights, these S.O.B.s still feel indifferent, callously goin’ on about their uncaring sub-human Pathetic lives. 

  texas aps & hhsc civil rights seem to state through the letter: WE DO NOT CARE about what happened to your family. We are “guided” by our codes.

  olivo came by our residence ALONE on March 03, 2016 @2:40 p.m.(check ‘media’ pix)

  The letter continues; “Later that afternoon(March 09,2016) olivo was contacted by mcallen police at 4:22 p.m. asking if she was close by since law enforcement officials were then at your residence.”

  police were with olivo on March 09th, 2016 at 4:40 p.m.(check ‘media’ pix)

  These IDIOTS dont even know how to present facts. They resort to LIES to cover their ass.

  Jill Santos’ letter from texas hhsc civil rights also states that: “The court did not order removal of your mother and sister.”

  If the court didn’t, who did? Who made the decision? who gave the order. 

  “homero garza, (probate court judge), ordered mcallen police to forcibly enter your residence on April 05, 2016.”

  mcallen police personnel romero unlocked front door and had a weapon out of its holster even though there was NO threat posed.

” Ms.Garza(Annabel) and gonzalez(hugo) spoke to your Mother and sister and they agreed to leave the residence with aps staff.” TOTAL BS

  Our Mother had Alzheimers and could NOT have made decisions on her own. Our sister has Downs syndrome. Total fabrication/BS.

  Recently I attempted to ask questions regarding the letter I had received from Jill Santos.

  I spoke with Texas hhsc civil rights, office of the ombudsman, and regional office aps program director melissa castellano.

  After giving them my feedback they basically attempted to pass the hot potato issue/complaint and they suggested I contact other texas and federal agencies.

  Even though I did this a year ago, with NO positive results,now theyre running around like headless chickens.

  Castellano arrogantly remarked, “we DO NOT have to give you any information.”

  Sounds like they think they’re untouchable.

  Are we still living in a free society?

  Texas adult “protection” service does NOT protect adults in need, (but many times, abuse their clients, directly or indirectly)choosing rather to protect the agency, the state, and their cabal. 



Ruben L.

Ruben Lopez

Lopez started by telling everyone to give God the Glory for this wonderful night. He prayed and prayed for it to be a good day and a good night so they would be able to worship him.

He is originally from Texas. His story began in the cotton fields of south Texas. When he was 14, he moved to California. When he was 18 in California, it was the drug hippie era. He came together with thought of making money while he was young. He was a truck driver and started bringing Marijuana to California. He stated it started out as a small operation and then graduated to moving and trafficked a ton of Marijuana.

It got caught up in the world of money and the lifestyle. His hardest addiction was that he was an alcoholic. It was in his blood and the lifestyle allowed him to be consumed by the alcohol.

It led to a world of dealing with very bad people. He is ashamed at the things he had to do while being involved in that situation. It involved in a lot of money and when that is the case someone will get hurt. Someone is going to get taken hostage or whatever it took.

It finally brought Ruben to a point in his life where he did three years in prison in Alabama. It didn’t even faze him. He came out of prison and in the same week, he had another load ready to go. He took off again and was caught five years later in Gainesville, GA. He did five years in Georgia. He was supposed to get out in 2009, but in 2007 his sister overdosed in his mother’s house.

They told him about his sister in prison and it really hit home for him because they were very close. That night, Ruben went to church for the first time in prison. In that night, the Lord turned his life around.

He decided he was going to get out and change his life. He had decided he wanted to go back and help his fellow inmates. He is very much involved in the prison ministry in LaGrange.

He loves it. He knows he is not hurting people anymore, he is trying to help people. He told the crowd, we have to reach out to people in our homes, our jobs, and in our community that are involved in drugs.

Ruben stated, we are leaving our younger generation a lifestyle of addiction. He is an awful thing and they don’t stand a chance. This world is really gone wild. This is coming into our neighborhoods.

The bible says there will be war after wars. Our children won’t mind the adults. And after the attack in Paris, everything is coming true.

Everyone might not be addicted to drugs, but everyone has a son, a daughter, niece, nephew, mother and father. We are going through trials right now. Let’s all join hands and try to help everyone.

Ruben attends Praise and Pray Ministry Church which is across from Walmart. Anyone is welcome to come. There is dinner and service.

Imminent threat

ARMED illegals entering South Texas.

  Word from Brooks county Texas is that illegals with AK-47 weapons are escorting illegals through Brooks county back roads. 

  A point man in front and another in back of column.

  Pass the word to Washington, D.C.

  Brooks county deputy sheriffs do not have sufficient firepower or man power to curtail or defeat this valid threat.

  Let’s go! Stop these S.O.B.’s